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The term "Pujaa", meaning worship, is a vital aspect of existence for all Hindus. Pujaa is the spiritual foundation on which all Hindus stand. Hinduism, a derivative of English vernacular, is rightly called Sanatan Dharma and is a way of life more than the practice of a set "Religion".

Sanatan Dharma comprises ritual, philosophy, music, dress, food and ancestral customs. Pujaa is the synthesis of all of these elements of Sanatan Dharma. Pujaa therefore, is essential in keeping the Hindu in touch with its greater existence.

This website is meant as a source of information and guidance for Hindus and Non Hindus alike. It is my hope that this set of ideas will provide answers, generate interest or satisfy mere curiosity about this true path to god realization, Sanatan Dharma.
--Pundit Rabidutt Maharaj.
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Religious study is recommended for everyone, regardless of creed, or religious persuasion. This site and its contents are open to all, without exception.

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